West Nigeria Delegation

The fourth delegation government of our organism was officially proclaimed by the General Government on the 20th of November 2015 and was inaugurated in a mass presided by Fr Henry Omonisaye C.M.F on the 6th of January 2016.

As we remember our appointment to serve, I wish to congratulate and appreciate the members of the fourth Delegation Council that have been of tremendous assistance throughout this one year.

Fr. Matthias Iheonu, C.M.F – Vicar and Prefect of Apostolate

Fr. Augustine Medaiyedu Ambrose, C.M.F – Prefect of Formation

Br. Isaiah Olarewaju Akin, C.M.F – Econome

I also wish to appreciate:

Fr. Jude Anyaehie, C.M.F – Prefect of Spirituality

Fr. Jude Igba, C.M.F – Prefect of Youth ministry and vocation

Fr. Terseer Emmanuel Ubi, C.M.F – secretary of the Delegation

I will like to share with you some of our activities this past year, our projects and areas of interest.


Parochial Apostolate: Our basic apostolate for now in the delegation is the Parish. We are doing great. Presently we are in 9 parishes in Nigeria and 1 in South Africa. There are many challenges but we are encouraged because our Constitution defines each one of usasa ‘Son of Immaculate Heart of Mary’.

South Africa Mission: Three of our brothers are working in our mission in the Archdiocese of Johannesburg. We now have a community. Thanks to the pioneers of that mission who endure somedifficulties to see to the success of the mission.

The Archdiocese of Cape Town has also invited us to collaborate with them in their mission. Two of our brothers are already there.

School Apostolate:Our Claret Secondary School in Kabba is growing steadily. Presently there are 75 students in all. JSS 1- 21, JSS 2 – 28, JSS 3- 26th.The school board is working very hard to maintain the standard and vision of the school. We thank them for their selfless services. It will interest us to know that we have completed the hall and academic block, and we have commenced construction of the residential house in the school premises

Campus Ministry:Frs Peter Okonkwo and FidelisOkeke are doing great in this area of our apostolate.

Special Apostolate:Two of our brothers are making us proud in their services to the nation in the Nigerian Army and the Police. They are Frs Luck Swam Beba(now Major) and Emmanuel Ogbuefi. We wish them well and encourage them in this special apostolate.

Communication House: Frs Marcellinus Rebecca Igirigi and Joseph Iwuobi have moved to our CommunicationHouse in Isolo. It has not been easy. The building is not yet conducive. However, we highly appreciate the sacrifices of our brothers who are trying to be on ground and do the job.

Mission Procure:Our mission procurators Frs Joseph Iwuobi and Anthony Anyawikehave started working. They are well informed of their job specification regarding the office.


As we know, formation is at the center of our vocation. In the words of Pope Francis “when forming the future priests and religious we should think of the Church they are going to minister to”. The general view of our formation system is very encouraging but we can still improve on it. Our students are receiving all the attentions they need to concentrate on their studies and formation

Presently, we have 14 students in the Postulate, 1 novice (in Cameroon), 29 students in philosophy, 6 students in pastoral year, 10students in theology.

We had the privilege to host the General Prefect of Formation Fr Leo DalmaoC.M.F. He visited our formation houses in the delegation and had external directions with the students. After which he had meeting with the formation team.  He encouraged us to have our own formation plan for the delegation.


We are working determinedly towards economic self-reliance. The economic project is both individual, community and Delegation. Everyone is involved.

Projects:We have many in our delegation to carry out like: the building of the Curia, the construction of the Theological Institute for Consecrated Life (TICLA), Major repairs in the Theologate, completion of the residential cum office house in Claret Secondary School Kabba, completion of Communication House Isolo etc.

Our hope is to complete these in two years. It depends on us.


This is the center of our Religious life. Regular community meetings, recollections, and recreations form the meeting points. We cannot ignore our community prayers because; “Our fraternity is also nourished by prayer, especially liturgical prayer” (CC. 13).

The Claretian communities are places for our witnessing as messengers of love. To this effect, the document on the XXV General Chapter affirms: “to be community is a verb and not just a noun. It is an action, a process. It is a grace which must be asked for, nurtured, and allowed to grow, not just the result of our efforts. As sons of the heart should we not put great effort to be communities of one heart and one mind” (MS 69).

It is therefore, the responsibility of every one to help build our communities and foster oneness in line with our style of life as Claretians.

The Claretian Missionaries West Nigeria Delegation has scored first in the rich history of the Claretian Congregation as the first Organism to acquire and dedicate an entire Canonical Residence for her Communication activity – Communication House.

Like many properties in the Delegation, the already developed residential block, standing on a plot of land, was a donation from one of our major benefactresses.

After some necessary reconstructions on the structure, the edifice houses the office and residence of the Directors of Communication of the Delegation.

It’s concerns include flyer/pamphlet/book PUBLISHING, Bible Diary, administration of the Delegation website, management of information in the Social Medias, laisse with the media personnel and institutions in the dioceses and Nigeria etc., providing the framework for easy internet accessibility to the members in the Delegation etc.

There is a well-developed Project Overview of the Isolo Communication House of the Delegation. –Click here to read

PUBILISHING MINISTRY (Online, Print, TV/Radio, Audio-visual Communication)

As for the PUBLISHING outfit, it shall adhere to the Directory of the Claretian Publishers already formulated and passed into law as general guiding principles by the General Government of the Claretian Missionaries.

---Click hereto read more--- on the History of the Publishing Ministry of the Delegation West Nigeria.

Our mission procurators Frs Joseph Iwuobi and Anthony Anyawikehave started working. They are well informed of their job specification regarding the office.

At the recent feast day of our Holy Father Founder, St Anthony Mary Claret, exactly, on October 24, 2017, the Claretian Missionaries West Nigeria Delegation presented a surprise package to the numerous members of the Claretian Family. The Delegation, intending to mark the 10 years of her foundation in some exceptional manner and to the visible elation and admiration of the congregants launched the CMF Table Water, under the Claretian Ventures.Wow!


The 75cl Table Water comes in a unique packaging. The design is both aesthetic and appealing in nature. It is in a plastic bottle fashioned in the like reminiscent of the ubiquitous dwarf, stout and resilient hummer-bus that rules the Nigerian highways.

Water is Life! The Delegation is living to the truth of this assertion. We cannot wait to see this label in the market stands.

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