General Econome Visits Claret Media Nigeria

Isolo-Lagos, Saturday, August 05, 2023. The Econome General, Padre Manuel Tamargo, paid an official Visit of Animation to the Claret Media Nigeria, the publishing outfit of the Claretian Communications House of the Claretian Missionaries, Delegation West Nigeria. In name and indeed, it was truly animating.

In the Visit, Padre Manolo was ably accompanied by the Major Superior of the Delegation, VR. Fr Augustine Medaiyedu and VR. Fr John Paul Achi, the Delegation Econome. It was, without doubt, an August Visit, not necessarily because it took place in this month of August, but, over and above all, because it occurred within an ambient that breathed tranquility, warmness and cordiality. In other words, it was typically a Claretian encounter.

After the initial welcoming of the Visitor, whose last visit to the Communications House was four years ago, Fr Achi, the Moderator, opened the Meeting with a brief introduction on the importance of Animation Visits by the different designates of the General Government. In this case, a Visit of Animation by the Econome General to the Delegation Publishing House was highly appropriate and desirable. It couldn’t have come at a better time than now. 

The Director of the Media House, Fr Rebecca Marcellinus Igirigi gave a comprehensive presentation of the activities of the Ministry detailing the history, challenges, losses and gains in these past years of publishing since 2018 and, most importantly, Bible Diaries debuting in 2020. He made sturdy positive arguments regarding the future of the Apostolate, especially with the yearly publications and distribution of the Bible Diaries in three different editions. The apostolate is self-sustaining and income yielding. Nonetheless, he noted, that starters, like the Delegation’s, meet with great difficulties. The Director concluded by echoing a line in the Pen-Picture (Cons.9), the driving force behind the ministry, that despite the several overweighing external factors, “NOTHING DAUNTS” a true Claretian Missionary, the Son of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Our visions and dreams are neither waned nor dimmed. Audaciously, we march on.

The highly elated Padre Tamargo, appraising the rapid developments and success stories of the House, being here himself some years before, gave a short response that demonstrated manifest enlightened understanding of the fundamental issues presented. His was concise but highly reassuring. Accordingly, our Visitor gave us reasons to GO FORTH. He pledged his paternal supervisory presence among us.

The fraternal dialogue was filled with attentive listening and inspiring conclusions that will impel the personnel of this special Ministry of the Media going forward daringly, utilising all means possible in the mission of spreading of the Gospel – stepping on the footsteps of Padre Claret..

We were also blessed with the presence of the Vicar General of the Congregation, VR Fr Henry Omonisaye who was on his way back to Rome after chairing the Board of Trustee (BoT) meeting of the Claretian University of Nigeria, held last week in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

After the concluding prayers led by Fr JP, the delegation moved to launch and photographs.

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