Harrah! InCLA Intra-Roads Totally Networked In Asphalts

InCLA, Bwari-Abuja, Nigeria: May, 2024. The 19th century English Mathematician and Philosopher, Alfred North Whitehead, was known to have opined that interconnectedness is the essence of being. Realities are always in a seamless process of interrelated successions. Thus, one can easily feel the positive and joyous pulsation in the hallowed environs of the Institute of Consecrated Life in Africa, InCLA, situated within the tranquil aggregate of rocky scenario of Bwari Area Council, Abuja, Nigeria, as the various intra-roads dotting the beautiful landscape have been well networked in solid adorable asphalts.

With the completion of this project, InCLA has become a lovely home, a giant beautiful artwork, so to speak, because, at a single breath, the Academic community can interface with and gauge the entire contours of the property and physically interact with nature devoid of dusts, potholes, erosions, bumps and their conjunctural negative effects. No doubt, it has opened the doors for regular cardiovascular exercise, nay, aerobics.

Congratulations to the illustrious administration of InCLA. In a very short time, you have demonstrated the undaunting spirit of Claretian Missionaries, rooted in Christ and audacious in mission, doggedly following the ineffaceable footsteps of Padre Claret, the apostle that utilised all means possible for evengelisation. Your efforts, in a very short time, have transformed InCLA into a centre for scholarly indagation and reflection on theology of Consecrated Life in Africa. No doubt, in the very near future, the Institute will become a veritable resource centre and quoted as primero uno in matters relating to Consecrated Life and allied studies in the world. We the Priests, Religious Men and Women are lining up for enrolment, along with the Laity in this imitable enterprise of on-going, or rather, continuous formation.

Immense thanks to the General Government of the Claretian Missionaries, Sons of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for attending consciously and definitively to this great project that makes InCLA a sight to behold, photogenic, a pleasant edifice, an unrivalled ambient for theological reflections and religious retreats. Abundance of Gods blessings.

St Anthony Mary Claret – Pray for Us!

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