General Government 2015 – 2021

During the XXV General Chapter, the General Government for the 2015 – 2021 sexenniumwas elected, formed by the following missionaries:

From left to right: Fr. Leo Dalmao (Consultor. Prefect of Formation), Fr. Manuel Tamargo(Consultor. Econome), Bro. Carlos Verga (Consultor. Prefect of Youth and Vocation Ministry), Fr. Henry Omonisaye (Consultor), Fr. Mathew Vattamattam (Superior General), Fr. Gonzalo Fern√°ndez (Consultor, Vicario General and Prefect of Apostolate), Fr. Artur Teixeira (Consultor. Prefect of Apostolate), and Fr. Joseba Kamiruaga (who was appointed Secretario General last February 2017):