On this DAY 05 of the Golden Jubilee Activities, specifically, Thursday, November 02, 2023, the following events marked the day in a seamless sequence.

– Fr. Mathew celebrates All Souls with the Attakwu Theologate Community

– Reception of Fr. Mathew Vattamattam at the Provincialate Community, New Owerri

– Mass of All Souls at the Claretian Cemetery, CIP

– Novelty Football Match between Claretian Priests and Seminarians

It was another activity packed Jubilee Day Five for the Claretians, and indeed for our special guest of honour, VRF Mathew Vattamattam.

The day began with the Mass of All Souls at the Claret House of Theology, Attakwu. The Superior General took some time to have close discussions with the students. They really appreciated it.

With the above visit to the Theologate, the Jubilee Activities at Enugu came to an end, and the Jubilee caravan began its journey to Owerri.

Fr. General was warmly received by the Provincialate Community at New Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, amidst dances and accolades. He was also given another Chieftaincy title – breaking history as the most titled man within 30 hours.

The activity that followed was the Solemn Mass of All Souls at the Claretian Cemetery, CIP Community. It began at 3pm (the Hour of Mercy). The priests were present in their numbers, as well as seminarians and lay faithful. Many of the brothers from the Delegation of West Nigeria had also arrived, conglomerating a wonderful atmosphere of communion between the Militant Church (the Living Faithful) and the Church in Need (Souls in Purgatory). The Mass was led by VRF Vattamattam.

After the solemn activities, all steps were directed to the CUN football field for the Novelty Football Match between the Claretian Priests and Claretian seminarians. The priests were so fit that they rendered the Medical Team unnecessary and had to leave the pitch. It ended Priests 0 – 0 Seminarians.

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