• SLOGAN: Serving the Word through the Media (Servants of the Word).
  • MOTTO: Evangelize by all possible means, always attentive to the most URGENT, TIMELY and EFFECTIVE (Padre Claret)
  • THEME1– I have come to cast fire on the earth, and I wish it were burning already (Luke 12:49)
  • THEME 2 – The spirit of the Lord is upon me… to bring good tidings to the nations (cf. Luke 4:18)
  • THEME 3: Go into the whole world and proclaim the Good News… (Mark 16:15)
  • DEFINITION: Media Apostolate (Communication Department)
  • CONTEXT: Claretian Missionaries Nigeria West Delegation

“In the Church we are steadfast helpers… in the ministry of the word, USING ALL MEANS POSSIBLE to spread the good news of the kingdom throughout the world” (CC 6).



To assume that our Holy Father Founder, St Anthony Mary Claret, would have had a twitter and Facebook accounts, been a regular user of the numerous other social media platforms of this 21st century, is true. More than these, he would have had the so-called conventional or traditional medias – the TV and Radio stations with personal programs based on the instructions of the faith, catechesis. He would have anchored debates on matters of etiquette/morals/society/politics and would have had his audio-visual productions of Gospel themes taped in compact discs, DVDs, microchips and many others streaming seamlessly in the digital, nay, online internet networks. Claret was action packed. He was an untiring zealous itinerant preacher who would have enjoyed the present media application to bolster his ideals fast, efficient and easy.

Try as we may, the Claretian Missionaries of today, cannot exhaust the denotative and connotative significance of Father Claret´s proposition of USING ALL MEANS POSSIBLE for effective and efficient evangelism. We should marvel at this IT-inspiration emanating from a 19th century textile executive. The word MEANS resonates deep implication for the students of social communication or the media. And looking at ALL THE MEANS POSSIBLE today and our understanding,utilization or application of them as necessary transporters of the GOOD MESSAGE, we are far behind Claret, to say the least.

However, inspired by the actions of Father Claret and in tandem with his media spirit, the Directory of the Congregation of the Claretian Missionaries empowers us when it re-echoes thus the underpinning characteristics of the media in service to our Mission (as servants of the Word):

The urgency, timeliness and apostolic effectiveness of the mass media, which were so highly esteemed by our Founder and have been traditionally used by our Congregation, oblige us to employ them with creativity, availing ourselves of the new possibilities offered by the new technologies of communication , always bearing in mind the norms of universal law (Can. 831 § 2). The Internet has to be, for us, more and more an instrument of evangelization. (Dir. 127).

Consequently, the greatest service this agency or department would do in favour of the Gospel message of the Risen Lord, under the auspices of Claretian Missionaries Delegation West Nigeria, in the overall interest of themission and spirit of the General Government of our dear Congregation is to apply itself to the present media realities in serving the Word.

Accordingly, taking advantage of the various media platforms aforementioned this agency exists to bring the Message of the Gospel and the Delegation to large public domain exposed to the media (in all its manifestations), taking cognisance to easy accessibility, low cost, fast, broad reach etc. Meaning that away from the Sunday pulpit, we must grasp our microphones and loudspeakers to the ‘streets’. After all, it was the visionary Holy Pope John Paul II who exclaimed very early that, “Without Mass Media, it is a silent Church”.In this ‘era of noise’, if you are not heard, you are lost.


On behalf of the Delegation West Nigeria, the CLACOMM West functions to collaborate in a mutual and fraternal spirit, with the CLACOM East Nigerian Province in the DIRECTION and PUBLICATIONof the Bible Diary. And, in furtherance, to take FULL and SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the Ministry, particularly, in the DISTRIBUTION of the BIBLE DIARY within the territorial confines of the Delegation as defined by our Law. This is the major task of all Communication houses in the Congregation as the production falls inevitably within the Media Apostolate as here classified and strictly defined.

The Bible Diary has made a huge penetration and impact since its debut appearance in the Nigerian Church (market)by the middle of the 90s. With more efforts (seasoned commentaries, delivery time, reach, price etc.) added to the present strategy the Ministry will surely be enriched being the first truly Nigerian, nay African, indigenous English Bible Diary in that format. There exists today a South African edition.

So, the reception and overall resultant effects of this unique ministry in the Nigerian soil are enormous. It stands apart from the other competitors. Its flames must be fanned.


A great Ministry of the Word in direct total compliance with the Spirit of Claret.

Father Claret wrote on practically everything that engaged his focus. He was a great lover of pamphleteering, brochures, flyers etc. that articulate, in simple and short manners, messages that could have otherwise been tedious and complex to handle by the larger public.

In chapter XVI of his famous andfluid Autobiography StAnthony Mary Claret proudly started to outline, painstakingly, what he termed “Means I used to achieve success”.Evidently, hewrote as follows regarding the employment of Books and Pamphlets as important aids to his effective missioning:

Experience has taught me that one of the most powerful forces for good is the press, although when abused it can also be one of the most potent weapons for evil. By means of the press so many good books and pamphlets are circulated that God should be praised for it. Not everyone wishes to or is able to hear the Word of God, but everyone can read or listen to the reading of a good book. Not everyone can go to church to hear God’s Word, but a book can go to a person’s house. The preacher can’t always be preaching, but a book is always delivering the same message tirelessly and is always willing to repeat what it says. It is not offended if its reader picks it up and puts it down a thousand times. It is always ready to accommodate itself to the wishes of its reader. (Aut. 310).

In the next paragraph, he proposes some striking comparative arguments for his earlier assertions in these words:

Reading good books has always been considered highly useful, but nowadays it is a real necessity. I say that it is nowadays a necessity because there is such a passion for reading that if people don’t have good books they’ll read bad ones. Books are the food of the soul, and just as the body is nourished by wholesome food and harmed by poisonous food, so it is with reading and the soul.” (ibid. 311).

Thus, theCommunication House of the Delegation takes responsibility in the arduous task of proofreading, editing, publishing and, as the case may require, distribution of all Claretian Books usingthe appropriate media formats. It may include the books written by Nigerian Claretians, or authors from elsewhere whose works could expand and enhance the socio-cultural life and spirituality of our context. We shall seek to obtain thenecessary permissions to publish renowned books and pamphlets that may appeal to our audience.

‘Pamphleteering’, due to its peculiar nature (simple, handy and cheap), as manifested in the life and works of Claret himself, will be considered a very efficient and effective means of this Apostolate. It has worked and survived the times. It still has a grand and dominant space in the media. Today it remains a desired companion for mediations, travellers, religious tourists etc.

Furthermore, this agency shall take responsibility, in collaboration with the Delegation Secretariat, in the divulgation of the correspondences of the Delegation online and in the local press. It shall seek alliance, concord and cooperation with the local media professionals and practitioners and partner with the National Union. As the case may be, it shall relate most fraternally with the Archdiocesan Communication Department – having been officially introduced to the Archbishop, the Metropolitan of Lagos.



In the efficacious delivery of the message of the Kingdom, or more directly, in the Service of the Word to the world, it is the intention of the Delegation to be engaged in all media forms, fully aware of the call of Father Claret and the specification of our Directory as cited above. Yet, this singular line in the Directory excites and impels us when it says in no 127: “The Internet has to be, for us, more and more an instrument of evangelization.” Nothing far more reaching could be said.

Nevertheless, suffice it to reemphasize that productions audio-visual forms necessary part of the motive behind operating a working Delegation Web site with appropriate hyperlinks to our apostolates and activities utilizing videos, arts, pictures etc. This format is very impressive, striking, impacting and more engaging nowadays.  

When necessary and seems opportune, DVDs and CDs shall be produced as complementary to the traditional and conventional MEANS. In other cases, videos shall be uploaded to the Delegation YouTube account.




Once there is a will, there is a way. After all a Claretiana Missionary is:

A Son of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a man on fire with love, who spreads its flames wherever he goes. He desires mightily and strives by all means possible to set everyone on fire with God’s love. Nothing daunts him: he delights in privations, welcomes work, embraces sacrifices, smiles at slander, rejoices in all the torments and sorrows he suffers, and glories in the cross of Jesus Christ.  His only concern is how he may follow Christ and imitate him in praying, working, enduring and striving constantly and solely for the greater glory of God and the salvation of humankind. (Cons. no 9. Highlights ours.)