Domus Fidei, Ikeja, Lagos-Nigeria: As the deliberations progressed, matters arising from the previous meeting, mainly on formation, government, apostolate, economy, vocation, youth ministry and spirituality were further analysed and weighed-up.
Worrisome to the Superiors were the issues about the use of electronic gadgets in our formation centers and the sexual abuse of the vulnerable. A letter from Fr. General addressing these concerns formed the basis for the plenary. Concrete measures shall be taken by all Organisms to ensure that ACLA members are safe from these faith-hurting scandals. They, therefore, concluded that holistic formation should be given to our initial and ongoing formations, mobilize timely report of cases of abuse, set up guides and fashion solutions for all affected.
On use of gadgets, moderation is advised.
At 6:30pm the meeting received Rt Rev Msgr John Aniagwu. He came, not only in his capacity as the Rector of St Leo’s Parish Ikeja, the locus of the Conference and the Vicar of the Archdiocese, but most importantly, on behalf of the Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Lagos, Most Rev Dr Alfred Adewale Martins. He lauded the Claretians Missionaries for their firm and ubiquitous presence in the Nigerian Local Church. The Archdiocese, the Vicar explained, is happy to embrace the Claretians as they contribute immensely to the spiritual and physical growth of her Church. He testified to the genuineness of their missionary spirit as many Claretians have worked directly with him at various levels. He also expressed his happiness about the Claretians formation house in Ibadan and the ongoing TICLA Building construction in Abuja.
There were moments for questions and clarifications on collaboration, challenges of missionaries in the Archdiocese, largeness of the See etc.
The Msgr ended the brief, but, lively session with prayers and blessings on the participants and for the success of their deliberations.

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