ACLA Relocated to Abuja, Thursday, February 28, 2019: The Second Day of the ACLA meeting in Nigeria took place in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.

So, on this day, the visiting Heads of  Organisms in the African Continent woke as earlier as 5:30am, Nigerian time, and made their way to the airport on board to Abuja. Barely an hour by flight (nine hours by road).

After some deliberations, they went straight to the locale situating the TICLA building in Bwari within the Abuja metropolis. Significantly, there, at the site, the group had their Mass and continued thereafter with the meeting. They had time with the Engineer and the site managers as regards the gigantic project.

However, the main discussions, which took place in the residence of Fr Peter Okonkwo, the immediate past Registrar of the Veritas University (VUNA) of the Nigerian Catholic Bishops, dwelt intensely on the TICLA Building Project. There were also presentations by the Major Superiors on the progresses made by their various Organisms in the different Claretian Missions in Africa.

Later in the day, after some wearisome activities, the Claretian Community in the Abuja mission, armed with assorted world prize-winning delicate Nigerian cuisines, bolstered their special visitors.

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