Ikeja, Lagos-Nigeria, February 26 – March 3, 2019: With animated heart, the Delegation West Nigeria welcomes in her midst the Superiors of the African Claretians (ACLA) to their Annual Plenary. The meeting, as its name defines, deliberates on issues regarding Claretian Missions in Africa: challenges, progresses, projections and, consequently, mapping out a definitive road-map for the future.

Arrival: All participants arrived safely on the February 26, 2019 and were immediately ushered into the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus hostel, the Domus Fidei, in Ikeja, the Capital of Lagos State, Nigeria. Lagos is a city-state, the largest in Africa with a population estimate of 21 million.

February 27: The day began with a votive Mass of the Holy Spirit at 7am led by the Fr President, Joseph Mbungu. That initiates properly the Conference and the activities of succeeding days.
However, the first conference began exactly at 9:15am.
Below is the full list of the Participants and their designations:
Fr. Joseph Mbungu (President/Major Superior of Congo Delegation)
Fr. Simeon Nwobi (Vicar/Provincial Superior of East Nigeria)
Fr. Daniel Onyeayana (Member/Major Superior of West Nigeria)
Fr. Michel Tigui (Member/Major Superior of Cameroon Delegation)
Fr. John Francis (Member/Major Superior of St. Charles Lwanga, Kenya)
Fr. Jose Engonga Mayo (Member/Major Superior of Equatorial Guinea and Gabon)
Fr. Antonio Llamas (Member/Major Superior of Zimbabwe Mission)
Fr. Gabriel Isaias (Member/Major Superior of Angola – Sao Tome & Principe Mission)
Fr. Jude Langeh Basebang (Secretary/Translator for ACLA – Cameroon Delegation)
Fr. Ubi Emmanuel Terseer (Secretary of Delegation West Nigeria)
Welcome Address: The ACLA President, Fr. Joseph Mbungu asked Fr. Daniel Onyeayana, – Delegation West Nigeria – to welcome the brothers as the Superior of the host community. Accordingly Fr Daniel welcomed all to Lagos, Nigeria. The country just had elections though the populace perceive the incoming results with volatile mix feelings. He announced that the Vicar of the Archdiocese, Rt. Rev. Msgr John Aniagwu would be visiting the Conference in official capacity, on behalf of the Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Lagos, Most Rev Alfred Adewale Martins.  
Obituary: On a sad note, the Fr Mbungu announced the passing away of Mr. Cayetano Mayothe, the father of Fr. Jose Engonga Mayo, Major Superior of Delegation of Equatorial Guinea. The meeting observed a minute silence of prayers for the departed soul.
Opening Remark: Then, the President in his opening remark said, “a year ago we were in Kinshasa, Congo for the meeting to deliberate on issues of the Congregation as they affect the continent. We are happy to be in Lagos for the same issues.” He used the opportunity to welcome to the ACLA meeting, Fr. Gabriel Isaias, the Major Superior of Angola-Sao Tome & Principe. Lastly, he expressed the sentiments of the Fr. General, Matthew Vattamattam for the meeting.
This introductory meeting drew the schedules/time table for the week-long international encounter.
>>Subsequent developments will be highlighted later<<

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