Our Father Founder, St Anthony Mary Claret, is popularly known as an apostle of ‘all means possible’ in proclamation and actuation of the kingdom of God. His Missionaries have individually and collectively embraced this all-embracing missionary method, which is not just pragmatic but realistic.

Thus, Chapter VII (§48) of the Constitutions of Missionaries Sons of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which deals on Fulfilling Our Mission, while defining the modus operandi for Claretians towards missions, alludes to Padre Claret’s tripartite approach to mission in this manner:

In carrying out this mission, our missionaries should use all means possible, but they should above all foster the following attitudes: a sense of alertness to whatever is most URGENT, OPPORTUNE and EFFECTIVE, in the setting of the times, places and persons with whom they have to deal, without clinging to outmoded or inadequate methods or tools of the apostolate (Emphasis ours).

Accordingly, when the Nigerian Claretian Missionaries set up the Claretian University Hospital, an ancillary of the Claretian University of Nigeria, they simply give assent to both Father Claret’s missionary apothegm and the constitutional prescript of the Congregation. It is urgent, opportune and, undoubtedly, an effective means of proclaiming the reign of the God-who-heals and saves the lives of his people.

The hospital, which in all practical sense, took off last February 2020, barely a month old, has gone ahead of itself by successfully undertaking a complicated surgery.

Bravo! We pray that it becomes a referral health institution in a country direly in need of basic and tertiary health facilities.

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  1. So great that our missionaries are involved in health care. I am an Chaplain at medical Center in Unied States of America

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