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General Mission Procurator Visits Ewu-Owa School

Ewu-Owa, Lagos, Monday, November 27, 2023: This day marked yet another important event for the Claretian Academy, Ewu-Owa. The General Mission Procure Director, Rev. Fr Lord Winner, CMF paid his first official visit to the Academy. He was ably accompanied by the Mission Procure Director of our Organism, Fr. Anthony Anyawike, CMF; the Econome, VRF. John Paul Achi, CMF and the Major Superior of the Claretian Missionaries, Delegation West Nigeria, VRF. Augustine Medaiyedu, CMF. Having them in our midst generated an ecstatic aura and genuine hope for divine benedictions.

Among the nouveau transformations visited was the newly equipped Computer Laboratory and the ICT centre which were graciously sponsored by the General Curia through the instrumentality of the Major Superior’s office.

Furthermore, hence, it has become of high necessity, at this point, in the life of the Claretian Academy, Ewu-Owa, Ikorodu, Lagos to self-upgrade to a higher niche of school learning process and management in a competitive ambient, adopting the modern sophisticated operating system, with the employment of the most current technological applications and its conjunctural requisite savoir faire is imperative. This is why the School Management is deploying an up-to-date functional and active login portal: <> to facilitate a faster, cheaper and easier access to the Academy’s online activities such as: class recordings, document processing, uploading, verification and viewing of all academic materials.

Surely, the above innovation will also enable parents and guardians to access the terminal results of their children online. The staff, enthralled by this platform, has already keyed in as their work is cut by half.

Thus, it is obvious, the quantum of joy respired by the Management, Staff, pupils and every member of the Claretian Academy family at the special Visit of the General Mission Procure with his Nigerian entourage to the school. What the Claretian Missionaries are doing in the field of education is a sign that the Congregation is responsive and responding to her eternal divine vocation in the footsteps of Padre Claret, and truly understands the urgent present-day demands of the United Nation’s (UN’s) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially, article 4 which resolves to “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” by the year 2030.

The Claretian Academy remains grateful!

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