Claretian Postulate, May 13-17, 2019. The Claretian Missionaries, West Nigeria Delegation gather for the year’s Assembly in the Claretian Postulancy House, Ibefun, Ijebu-ode diocese, Ogun State, West of Nigeria.
No one or, rather, nothing defines the aims and objectives of an Assembly in the Congregation better than the Constitutions of the Claretian Missionaries. In Chapter XVI GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCIAL COMMUNITY, Article 4. The Provincial Chapter § 127, the sacred document states that:
It is desirable that major superiors find a suitable time and method for calling assemblies of superiors and other members or even assemblies of the whole province or delegation, to meet with them and their council.
As the major handmaid of our Constitutions, the Directory of the Claretian Missionaries underpins the nature, character and intent of a Claretian Assembly in these hallowed terms:
The assemblies referred to in the Constitutions (CC 127), although they do not have the decision‑making character proper of provincial chapters, are important means of participation, co‑responsibility and communion. Among their aims, the following stand out: life sharing, dialogue, mutual acquaintance and encouragement, contributing suggestions, and a review and orientation of the life of the province (Can. 633). The provincial government will determine the frequency and modalities of their celebration (CC 127; Dir. 457 t).
Accordingly, as the guidelines affect us as an Organism, the Directory further states clearly that, “These periodic assemblies are particularly recommended in independent delegations, which do not celebrate chapters” (Chapter XV GOVERNMENT OF THE LOCAL COMMUNITY, Article 5. The Provincial Chapter, 1.Nature and Aim of Provincial Chapters, § 466).
God bless the Claretian Missionaries – West Nigeria Delegation and the deliberations at their maiden Assembly.
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